The Tiki Cocktail Box...

is the result of a discussion between two rum drinking Tiki loving enthusiasts.


What started out as a conversation at a rum festival quickly snowballed and has how become a reality.


Whether you are a rum aficionado or new to rum we hope you will enjoy Tiki Cocktail Box as it is intended. An opportuntiy to expand your rum collection whilst enjoying traditional and modern exotic cocktails.

What we aim to achieve

We aim to bring new and exciting rums and spirits to your drinks shelf, and the ingredients needed to take them beyond a nice easy sip in the glass, with the added bonus of cool and bespoke drinking vessels and exciting old and new cocktails.


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  • What is a cocktail box?

    A box with a cocktail kit inside... including a 70cl bottle of spirit, syrup and non perishable ingredients, a drinking vessel, thats either bespoke, tiki, or branded to the rum in the box.

  • What's in a box?

    Everything you need to make lots of Tiki Cocktails and serve them in branded Mugs.

    A 70cl bottle of Spirit, Syrup and/or Bitters, a cocktail booklet, and a Tiki mug branded or customised for the brand in the box

  • How does subscription work?

    A rolling bi monthly option is available... sign up to receive a box every other month. This can be cancelled on the 10th o the month the money is due to be taken out.

  • Can I cancel?

    Subscriptions can be cancelled as long as its before the 10th of the billing month. If this is missed and money is taken then the cancellation will happen on the from the following month.

  • Can I change my plan?

    If you are not happy with the service you have please contact us at

  • What if the goods are damaged?

    If goods are damaged, we will blame the duppys, but do get in touch immediately and within 24hrs and we can discuss the next steps for replacements

  • What are duppys?

    A Duppy is a Carribean word meaning Spirit or Ghost

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