What's in a Tiki Cocktail Box?

One 70cl bottle of a world class range of rum or other spirit.

At least one syrup AND all other non fresh ingredients required.

It's own, exclusively matched cocktail vessel from tiki mugs to specialized glassware all designed to ensure you can make that perfect cocktail time and time again.

Included in your exotic box of goodies will be a detailed cocktail card, written by one of the UK's most respected tiki bartenders.

Our plan is to keep our upcoming boxes under wraps, but we will try to feed anticipation. To show what can be expected, we have released details of the the Third box that will be sent out at the end of June 2017.

pusser's gunpowder
tiki mugs

Box #1 released February 2017

We were extremely excited to start off with the fantastic Pussers brand, and the Multi award winning 54.5% ABV Pusser's Gunpowder at that! Our first highlight cocktail was the "Painkiller" and the box included 2 Pusser's Painkiller Tins, also within the box will be a bottle of Coco Re'al, and a cocktail booklet explaining how to make the Painkiller and at least two other cocktails using Pusser's Gunpowder. We hope you agree this is a strong start for this rum focused Cocktail Box. Join the club - We also added as a special bonus for the first subscribers, a jigger and bar spoon


Our first Box #1 has now sold out but we will periodically offer it for sale in the future.



BOX #2 released April 2017

Our next box will contain a 70cl Bottle of the Trinidad and Tobago Rum, Angostura - we have selected the 7yr old for this editon, the #2 box will also have a bottle of the Re'al Syrup, Mango Puree to create the signature cocktail created by Georgi Radev. This box will also contain 2 Tiki mugs designed by Koko Bai, for Georgi Radev and Re'al Syrups.





Box #3 due for release June 2017.

Our 3rd box sees us visit the Island of Barbados where we will be sending a bottle of Doorlys 5yo Rum, produced at the world famous and award winning Foursquare distillery, where production is overseen by Master Distiller, Richard Seale. We will also have a 25cl Bottle of Monin Orgeat which we are using in this months signature Cocktail. Mug details to be released 1st week May.


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pusser's gunpowder