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We like to keep things simple at Tiki Cocktail Box, so that we have more time to sit back and enjoy our cocktails. Sometimes however we listen to feedback.


On launching we had a lot of enquiries from the US and Canada regarding shipping of the boxes, while the US we managed, it was difficult for Canada and some states in the U.S. so we have been working on a solution.

This comes in the form of shipping our boxes without Alcohol - therefore avoiding customs issues and additional costs for duty. Making not only the boxes cheaper but more accessible for those looking to be involved for the mugs and cocktail ingredients.

This element is only available on the World/European shipping option - I.e not to U.K. as we are able to send alcohol easily.

This option will not always be available for all boxes as it's subject to the customised and branded mugs we are getting in so it's on a "Buy it now" option rather than "Subscription"

Spirit Free Box

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We have priced this option at £30 plus shipping (£28)

The box will include a mug and syrup and the cocktail booklet for that month's box, detailing the Rum and ingredients used if buyers would like to source those themselves - basically everything in the box without the alcohol.


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