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and welcome to Tiki Cocktail Box the care package for Cocktail and Tiki fans alike.


By working with the UK's finest Tiki bartenders, we deliver to your door the most exciting, finest package any cocktail lover could receive!


With every Tiki Cocktail Box you will expand your repertoire, build your cocktail collection & fill your cupboards.

We guarantee a 50-70cl bottle of rum in each box.


The perfect gift for any Rum, Tiki and cocktail enthusiast.

How does Tiki Cocktail Box work...


Every 2 months we select a premium rum or other spirit suitable for making Tiki cocktails,

we add a suitable cocktail vessel, either a Tiki mug or other specialized glassware,

we add other non fresh ingredients and at  least one syrup,

plus we have a cocktail card written by a top UK bartender


You choose whether to start an ongoing subscription or pick a 'Buy it Now' box

from a selection of boxes we previously have left in stock.


Fnd out more about subscription or 'Buy it Now' options... with Tiki Cocktail Box

UK Subscriptions from £50

Buy it Now (UK) from £55

European and worldwide shipping available, details at checkout

What's in a Tiki Cocktail Box?


  • A bottle of world class rum or other spirit suitable for making Tiki Cocktails
  • At least 1 syrup and other non fresh ingredients
  • A Tiki mug or specialised glassware
  • Detailed cocktail card written by a top UK bartender


Find out what was in previous Tiki Cocktail Boxes

The Next Tiki Cocktail Box...

Subscriptions are now open for our 15th box for delivery mid June 2019

this box contains the Puerto Rican Rum Don Q, a wonderful Pineapple mug designed by Bai for Londons newest Tiki Bar Laki Kane, a Syrup and our Cocktail book with this months Signature Cocktail and other Tiki Receipes. 


All our previous boxes are now SOLD OUT, so you can start your collection from box 15.


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